The Entrepreneurial and B2B Linkage Management of Traditional Dairy Communities in Central Luzon, Philippines

Matilde Melicent Santos-Recto


The research expounded the profiles of two sectoral players, the supply-side players who are the carabao milk producers and the demand-side players who are the milk processors; characterized the business process relational practices of the two sectors; determined the best entrepreneurial and management activities and setbacks of the strategic partnership relations; and finally presented a relational and linkage model to synergize and reconfigure the B2B connections of the Carabao Milk to Pastillas Chain Model. Findings showed that there was only a barely conspicuous link between the two sectors to be able to determine a verifiable carabao milk and pastillas chain. The link was perceptible only in a few fields of B2B BPM practices. To form a strong link between the two sectors, the coordinated Single Step Demand-Driven Carabao Milk-Pastillas Chain Model was proposed to ally the two sectors through the Five-Fields Synergy System Model of Linkage Management which was placed in-between the sectors on the assumption that the carabao milk market acts on a demand-driven supply chain principle. Taken in its generic form, the model can be applied to other base commodities of any two or more agri-food sectors as long as there is a coordinating body that will serve as the core. 


business to business (B2B); business process management (BPM); demand-driven supply chain; enterprise development; strategic management;

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Guided Interview Schedule Key Informants

Dela Cruz, Andrea. January 16, 2011. Commercial Milk Processor and Proprietor-Entrepreneur, Andreas Pastillas, Buliran, San Miguel Bulacan

Hipolito, Leticia. May 24, 2011. Individual Milk Processor and Entrepreneur-Owner, Aling Ine’s Pastillas (formerly Letty’s Pastillas), Poblacion, San Ildefonso, Bulacan

Mallari, Herminia. January 28, 2011. Chairman, Kapitbahayan Dairy Cooperative, Mabini, General Mamerto Natividad (Llanera), Nueva Ecija

Martinez, Florante, January 29, 2011. Independent Milk Collector, Imelda Valley I, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija

Mayco, Marvin. March 16, 2011. Independent Milk Producer, Small-Scale, Calipahan, Talavera, Nueva Ecija

Mendoza, Virgilio, April 20, 2011. Independent Milk Producer, Buliran, San Antonio, Nueva Ecija

Ramos, Jaime. March 16, 2011. Independent Milk Producer, Semi-commercial Scale, Proprietor-Entrepreneur, San Ricardo, Talavera, Nueva Ecija

Sinaguinan, Jennie. May 15, 2011. Independent Milk Processor, San Jose, San Miguel, Bulacan

Trinidad, Melisa O. January 15, 2011. Commercial Milk Processor and Proprietor- Entrepreneur, Ocampo’s Sweets, San Jose, San Miguel, Bulacan



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